ESL Director 

Role Summary 
To oversee and organize the English classes for adult international students who are here in our area so they can function more fully in the US and to intentionally share the love of Jesus with ESL students, and in doing so be a part of bridging cultures, building friendships, and transforming lives. 

1. A sense of mission or calling from God to serve in this ministry 

2. Ability to speak, read, and write English

3. Leadership and organization skills

4.  Completion of a basic ESL workshop (can begin teaching with an overview of teaching ESL if one has teaching experience and attend a full training at a later time)

5.  Commitment to teach for one school year. (Classes run concurrent with the school year)

1. Recruit volunteers. 

2. Arrange training and teacher/volunteer meetings for volunteers with IFM

3. Communication with volunteers

4.Oversee promotion and recruitment of students 

5. Enrolling and placing students 

6. Handling logistical details and resource needs of the ministry - including record keeping - registration forms, attendance sheets, end of semester evaluations. 

7. Supervising volunteers  

8. Evaluating the ministry 

9. Organizing events and other related activities

10. Demonstrate and model the love of Jesus with volunteers and students 

11. Regularly pray for and with ESL students and volunteers. 

What you can expect:
1.  Joy of seeing students learn English and grow spiritually

2. Joy of seeing volunteers excel and seeing the success of details coming together

3. New international friends 

4. Learning about new cultures and ways of life

Volunteer ESL Teacher

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